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Majestic 530

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The latest version of the Majestic 530 will increasingly offer more than the competitors and continue to be exceptional value. The Majestic 530 is a unique and classic blue water cruiser, amazing island hopper and superb charter vessel, built to the buyers specifications, always with superior finishes and incredibly well equipped!

Modern Features

The Majestic 530 has very stylish look, modern hull lines and packed with loads of modern features and the latest in nautical technology.


The new lines of the Majestic 530 provide substantially more space in the salon, galley, cockpit and cabins, as welll as increased deck space and seating area on the bimini.


Safety has always been our number one priority and the New Majestic 530 now comes with even more safety and security features than before.

The New Majestic 530 features modified hull lines to:

  • Modernise the look.
  • Offer additional options for portlights.
  • Provide more light, visibility and ventilation.
  • Provide substantially more space in salon, galley, cockpit and cabins.
  • Increase the deck space and provide for seating on the bimini, and above the cabins.
  • Increase the size of the unique dive / fish barbeque / outdoor storage area.
  • Provide greater functionality, safety and comfort for all.
Royal Cape Catamarans, Majestic 530 Yacht, sport Deck
Royal Cape Catamarans, Majestic 530 Yacht, Galley

The Majestic 530 offers:

  • Up to 6 spacious double en suite cabins.
  • Great head room, space, storage and natural light.
  • Superior ventilation in galley, cabins, salon and cockpit especially when at anchor and cooking.
  • Ample air conditioning, fans, lighting, TV/CD and AC/DC power points.
  • Outdoor washer drier to reduce heat generation and wet activity indoors.
  • More battery, fuel and water carrying capacity for long range voyages.
  • Water maker produces more than most, feeding washer drier and dishwasher.
  • Generator, alternators and unique extendable solar panels, power appliances and compressor.
  • Dive / swim platform that doubles as a tender lift.

Safety continues to be a major feature of the Majestic range:

  • Solid stainless safety rails.
  • Wide flat uncluttered walkways.
  • Seating along the sides with ample grab rails.
  • Safety lines to clip harnesses onto when in rough seas.
  • Safely positioned and bulkhead protected helm position.
  • Secure rigging with inner fore stay and double outer stays.
  • Well laid out and secure engine bays providing space to work safely in following seas.
  • Numerous safe ocean crossings with detailed logs showing good performance and economy.
Royal Cape Catamarans, Majestic 530 Yacht, Master Cabin

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Royal Cape Catamarans, Majestic 530 Yacht, fishing
Royal Cape Catamarans, Majestic 530 Yacht, Lifestyle
Royal Cape Catamarans, Majestic 530 Yacht, Lifestyle
Royal Cape Catamarans, Majestic 530 Yacht, Lifestyle blonde at helm
Royal Cape Catamarans, Majestic 530 Yacht, Lifestyle