Majestic 530 Classic

Royal Cape Catamarans, Luxury Majestic 530 Yacht, anchored

The Majestic 530 “Classic” refers to boats built prior to 2020, before the change in hull shape.

The Royal Cape Catamaran, Majestic 530, is MAJESTIC in every sense of the word! This is the complete, versatile, stable, safe, spacious, stylish, superbly equipped, blue-water cruising catamaran. No other catamaran in this class, offers as much and is so well equipped while offering customisation of layouts, materials, equipment, deck gear, colours, long range fuel and water tanks. The cruiser’s electrical requirements offer true multi-frequency operation and the generation / storage requirements have been researched and balanced. The classic design is unique and features – superior head room (enabling one to sit up comfortably in bed), excellent lighting and significantly better air flow ensuring fresh air and cooling, while venting cooking odours and heat from the galley. 

Royal Cape Catamarans, Luxury Majestic 530 Yacht, island blue water
Royal Cape Catamarans, Luxury Majestic 530 Yacht, sailing

The external fishing, diving, barbeque and recreational storage area is also unique and it assists in keeping the wet and dirty  activities outside while the spacious cockpit area offers the guests a superb entertainment area and the helmsman good and protected all round visibility. More power, water, sail, space and storage enables one to travel further, anchor over your favourite fishing or dive areas for longer and offers greater versatility – they are able to operate successfully as charter vessels too. Besides her attractive looks, the Majestic 530 is a pleasure to handle. Steering is effortless and trimming the sails requires a simple press of the button to activate self tailing winches. Fully stable and predictable at all times, she thrives on a good wind while the high bridgedeck clearance and buoyant hulls gives one a comfortable ride.

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