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Sailing the Majestic Catamaran

Besides being attractive, the Majestic 500 and 530 are a pleasure to handle. Steering is effortless and trimming the sails requires a simple press of the button to activate self tailing winches. Fully stable and predictable at all times, she thrives on a good wind while the high bridge deck clearance and buoyant hulls gives one a comfortable and relatively dry ride.

We recommend that you experience this first hand or seek advice from an informed person who has actually had the pleasure of being out on one of our boats. The average cruising performance over many miles has been logged and this will offer information that is reliable and objective. 

The standard pack includes a main sail of 70m2, a genoa of 68m2, batt cars and stack pack with lazy jacks for ease of raising, lowering and storage or in boom mainsail furling.

It is well established fact that much of the time is spent at anchor or in a mooring where comfort is paramount but the Majestic range is designed and equipped to offer stability and access to luxuries even while cruising in the deep blue. The generator, washer/drier, dishwasher, air conditioning, water maker, generous tankage and battery storage etc, are included, and despite this, the Royal Cape Catamaran performs very well and economically.

It is also well established that the wind will be blowing too hard or not hard enough or in the wrong direction so the auxiliary engines, situated in externally accessed, sealed engine bays are capable of pushing her along at a comfortable trawling speed, against strong currents and heavy seas. Having two engines makes her very manoeuvrable which facilitates mooring particularly in a strong wind.

When conditions are not ideal one will also find folk motor sailing as they charge batteries, do the laundry, heat water etc.

The skill and experience of the skipper is of course a factor and we have had positive reports from owners and delivery skippers who have sailed in mountainous seas, and from others who have enjoyed pleasant trade-wind conditions , even one who participated in and won stages in the Mount Gay Cup regatta in Granada! Naturally, we believe that the combination of design, sailing skill and fair winds make for a wonderful experience on our Majestic 530.


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