The debate continues and while it is assisted to some extent by trying to decide whether you wish to use the boat for charter or not, you may be limiting your options for use or resale. We all know that friends and family will want to join you and the charter operator's are a big market for pre owned yachts! You may also wish to do some chartering to supplement your income occasionally, too.
SO - we have tried to let you have your cake and eat it.! Listed below are our priorities / preferences.

  1. Safety
    This must be at the top of the list.
    Structural strength, CE certified and Lloyds approved materials and processes
    Wide, flat and safe decks with with sturdy rails and effective non slip material.
    All Category A safety equipment is included

  2. Stability and Comfort
    You do want family and friends to go with you - and enjoy the ride, don't you?
    Wide bouyant hulls offer comfort, stability so that meals and hot drinks can be enjoyed.
    More hatches and portlights offer excellent ventilation and lighting.

  3. Modern Conveniences and Power
    Hot showers, meals, air conditioning, electronic navigation and other accessories require adequate power generating and storage capability. 1000 amp hour reserves with generator, alternators and shore power sources provide above average capacity.

  4. Space
    The unique design of the hulls and cabins provide unparalleled space for 1200 litres of fuel 1200 litres of water and amazing head room and accommodation for the 6 double en suite cabins.
    These capacities are also unequalled and enable cruisers to visit areas where the quality of fuel and water is often questionable. ( NB A desalinator is also provided)
    The space cannot easily be added later ( different finishes and accessories can)
    Above average refrigeration and other storage space is incorporated.

  5. Performance
    Sailing single handed at comfortable speeds in trade-wind conditions approximating 50% of wind speed, is a pleasure and on deliveries we have had distances of 2000 nautical miles recorded over ten days.
    Analysing time and usage would highlight that comfort is crucial because much of the time is in a mooring or at anchor.
    Then for a considerable amount of time one will note that the wind is gusting at levels when folk are putting in a reef or two – not so, with the Majestic 530 which has double side stays and an inner forestay and stable design!
    If the wind is on the nose or too light for comfortable sailing one will also find many a sailor who will use the engines and charge the batteries while making and heating water or doing the laundry
    The engine in each hull and the size offer excellent manoeuvrability and ample power and they are located in separate engine bays accessed externally which limit noise and fume emissions in the living areas
    The engines are economical consuming 3-4 litres per hour while operating at 2000 rpm
    The Hydraulic steering system and electric winches and windlass make for easy operation

  6. Recreational Facilities
    Spacious outdoor entertainment areas with flat surfaces and safe, easy access are features
    These areas are served from an exceptionally well equipped galley or superb barbeque
    Fishing, diving and other water sport activities are facilitated with superior arrangements on the dive platform which incorporate a bait station with live bait well, cleaning and preparation areas plus ample storage space.
    A boom derrick, operated electronically, will hoist the tender and motor on and off the davitts situated on the dive platform.

  7. Speed
    Speed has been the cause of more accidents when sailing and the design characteristics of the Majestic 530 are aimed at safety, stability and comfort. The availability and provision of superb electronic navigational and communication equipment enables the modern cruiser to anticipate potential problems and take timeous evasive action using sail and engines as required.
    You are invited to let us know your views by emailing us at , and we reiterate our invitation to get first-hand information and experience by visiting and sailing one of these unique catamarans which offer superb value for money.
    Safe, Stable, Spacious, superbly equipped providing excellent value with personalised service.

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